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 Welcome CenterW C 2

The farm’s main office is open during normal business hours. The bathrooms located here include a shower for boarder use.



Barn A A Barn Tack Entrance copy

This airy, heated barn has direct access to both indoor arenas. The 12′ x 14′ stalls, three grooming bays, a temperature-controlled tack room with individual lockers, and a hot/cold water wash rack make this barn the height of luxury for both horse and rider.


Barns B and CB. C barn ext copy

These heated barns, with 12′ x 12′ stalls, conveniently connect directly to the main office and feature a hot/cold water wash rack and individual lockers. This is one of the original buildings, and the stalls have all been recently refurbished.


Barn DD barn exterior
Each 12′ x 12′ stall attaches to an individual 12′ x 24′ all-weather run-out. This barn has fantastic ventilation and the fifteen stalls give it a cozy small-barn feel. Boarders enjoy individual tack cubbies, a separate bathroom, and an outdoor hot/cold water wash rack.


Barn EE Barn

This barn has thirteen 12′ x 13′ stalls, a rubber matted aisle, large individual tack lockers and a grooming bay. It shares Barn F’s wash rack and connects directly to both the hunter/jumper outdoor areas.


Barn FF Barn
This recently constructed barn boasts 24 11′ x 15.5′ stalls. It has direct access to the outdoor area and Arena III, multiple grooming bays, individual tack lockers, a tack trunk room, hot/cold water indoor and outdoor wash racks, and extra-wide aisles.


Barn GG barn exterior
With 42 stalls, this designated hunter/jumper barn is the largest on the farm. The two-story ceiling allows for unparalleled air circulation, keeping it cool in the summer and warm yet airy in the winter. Two wash racks, six grooming bays, individual lockers, a kitchen area and a boarder lounge make this barn the crown jewel of Sunflower Farms.


Arena ICoverall I sunny
This 72′ x 200′ cover-all arena is even larger than a full-size dressage arena. It is heated in the winter and is often the coolest place to ride in the summer when the sides are raised. This arena is designated for flat work only.


Arena II indoorArena II
This 65′ x 195′ arena is the warmest place around to ride in the winter. Full-length mirrors down one entire long side help riders evaluate their ride and the sound system allows you to ride to any music you choose.


Arena IIICoverall III
Our largest indoor arena is a 100′ x 220′ cover-all used for hunter/jumper training. It is heated and has a sound system and raised indoor viewing area.